The impetus of my creative practice is a conflation of influences embodying a spectrum of curiosities, experiences, and knowledge. Through a haze of daily routine I am challenged to notice the minuscule and see the ordinary. These observations, synthesized through a making space, perpetuate contemplation of the ubiquitous, ever-changing built environment. The objects and images I create exist in the public realm as points of exchange, yet the exhibited work—often a collection of moments, fragments, or vague constructs—converge as an index of what is not present; they are a residue of the art, with meaning located within the act of making rather than the making relegated as a means to meaning. The outcomes are brief incarnations that seed subsequent renderings, continually fueling practice, while exercising curiosity.

Embracing collaborative acts exceeding the limitations of the individual, I orchestrate and participate in a practice of blurring authorship—lowercase “c” collaborations. Large acts of one are offset by subsequent acts of many, and thus responded to and so on: marking, redacting, rebuffing, recurring, remarking. The fluid process yields outcomes intended to challenge completeness and stasis, reflecting an art of an erratic continuance, from conception to ruin to return.

Full resume and references available upon request.

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